• Cordeo Neck Rope For Bridle-less Riding

    After deciding what braid pattern, colors, and knot colors leave message of preferences

    *Item(s) are handmade to order so please keep this in mind when you purchase*

    Knot Just Rope's cordeo/neck rope is adjustable to your horses neck size.  

    It has six keeper knots to add in the "touch" sensation on your horses neck.  

    Comes equipped with a removable ring for a lunge line.... what better way than to be able to lunge your horse without head gear?

    This tool is your next step towards bridleless riding and last step before tackless riding.

    Hand braided with 550 paracord.

    Adjustable with pair of conway buckles

    Customize colors to suit your preferences.... choose from solid base color, two tone braid, three tone braid, or even six different colors.

    Choose knot colors.... all same, alternate, or all three different.


    Black, Blue Snake, Blue Turquoise, Brown, Burgundy(wine), Burnt Orange, Carolina Blue, Fireball, Green Turquoise, Grey, Hunter Green, Navy, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Olive Green, Pink, Pink Snake, Purple, Rainbow, Raspberry, Red, Royal Blue, Rust, Tan, Teal Green, White, Yellow(mustard), Yellow(neon)