• Dog Head Halter


    *Item(s) are handmade to order so please keep this in mind when you purchase*

    Knot Just Rope's dog head halters are a better way for walking a dog who has a tendancy to pull. 

    It is easy for a dog to use his shoulders to pull against the leash when clipped to a harness or neck collar, but when a the leash is contected to KJR's head halter and the dog begins to pull his head will be brought to the side therefore breaking his forward motion.

    This head halter allows the dog to pant, drink, play, and do anything without restricting his muzzle. This is NOT a muzzle inteded to keep his mouth shut.

    As tension is put on the halter, the muzzle opening closes but as pressure is released it opens back up.

    A safety strap is included which attaches to your dogs neck collar if for any reason your dog manages to slip out of his halter.

    An added clip can be purchased, allowing you to tie the head halter tie strap to it and then easily add and remove the halter off your dog without needed to readjust each time.