• Heart Horse Rope Halter

    $35.00 $25.00
    Please leave note regarding heart color preference.

    We all have that 'HEART HORSE' that is our everything... so how about we show them they are loved with one on Knot Just Rope's HEART HALTERS.... 

    1)pink w/ pink/purple snake hearts
    2)purple w/ pink/purple snake hearts
    3)pink w/ white nose wrap and red hearts
    4)white w/ pink hearts
    5)pink w/ white hearts
    6)white w/ red hearts
    7)red w/ white hearts
    8)brown w/ pink hearts
    9)dark grey w/ pink/red snake heats
    10)dark grey w/ pink hearts
    11)dark grey w/ red hearts
    12)black w/ white hearts
    13)black w/ pink/grey snake hearts
    14)black w/ pink/red snake hearts
    15)black w/ pink hearts
    16)black w/ red hearts
    17)black w/ pink/purple snake hearts

    message now with email for invoice and shipping address along with which number halter you would like.

    *Item(s) are handmade to order so please keep this in mind when you purchase*