• Hybrid Braided Rope Combination Halter

    Please list color choices for braided sections. Choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 colors and list in order of priority

    *Item(s) are handmade to order so please keep this in mind when you purchase*

    Knot Just Rope has combined their rope halter with their flat braided halter to create KJR's hybrid braided rope halter. 

    With the noseband of a rope halter you get better communication and control with the ease of a buckle style.  This halter has a sliding lead ring to keep the halter from twisting on the face. 

    Available with or without the extra nose knots or even a braided noseband.

    If choosing a knotted noseband you may choose to add a cobra or twisted nose wrapping.  Paracord wrapping gives a wider and softer cobra wrapping while the 1/16" cord gives a smaller and tighter wrapping. The twisted wrapping is our stiffest wrap for training and better control. 

    If you are choosing to add a cobra or twisted nose wrapping then make sure to include color choice when placing order.  Cobra wrapping can be done in either 1/16" cord for smaller tighter wrap OR 550 paracord for softer woder wrap.  Twisted wrapping is done with nylon twine for an even stiffer wrap. You will find wrap color choices below....

    1/16" COBRA WRAP COLORS (pick one or two) -CLICK HERE to see colors ....   Autumn, black, black w/ yellow & lime, blue snake, brown, brown w/black tracer, brown w/gold tracer, brown w/olive tracer, dark tan, denim blue, emerald green, fireball, grey,hunter green,  hunter green w/pink and lime, light tan, lime green, lime green snake, maroon,  maroon & tan stripped, navy w/ white tracer, orange, orange w/ black tracer, pink,  pink snake, purple, red, rose, royal blue, teal, turquoise (green OR blue shade), white, woodland, yellow, yellow w/ red tracer

    550 PARACORD WRAP COLORS (pick one or two) - CLICK HERE to see colors... black, blue snake, brown, burgundy, burnt orange, caroline blue (baby blue), fireball, grey, hunter green, navy, neon green, neon orange, olive green, pink, pink snake, purple, rainbow mixed, raspberry, red, royal blue, tan, teal green, turquoise(green), turquoise(blue), white, yellow-neon, yellow-mustard

    NYLON TWINE TWIST WRAP COLORS - CLICK HERE to see colors..... aquamarine, black, bronze, brown, gold, golden rod, grey, hot pink, hunter green, light green, lilac, lime green, maroon, orange, periwinkle, purple, rainbow(confetti), rainbow(fiesta),  red, red-orange, royal blue, tan, turquoise, white, yellow