• Rein Keeper


    *Item(s) are handmade to order so please keep this in mind when you purchase*

    Carabiner clip 'colors' tend to vary so please have a second choice ready.  If color requested is out of stock then a silver will be used.  

    Tiered of loosing your reins?  With Knot Just Rope's rein keeper you won't have to worry about that again.  This piece of equiptment is very universal and adjustable depending on the type of saddle you are using.  Comes with scissor clip to clip to D ring on saddle, conway buckle for length adjustment, and carabiner to clip to reins. If you prefer, you may remove scissor clip and use braided in loop to loop over saddle horse OR you may even opt to wrap piece around pommel and and slip carabiner end through braided loop.... the choice is yours for what will work best in your situation.  

    Made from our military grade paracord and can have up to three colors if you wish.