• Romel Style: Braided 6 Knot Loop Reins w/ Tail- 6 strand flat braid

    What color would you like your tail? Suggestion would be the same color as knots and different from rein base. Solid color makes tail stand out.
    After deciding what braid pattern, colors, and knot colors leave message of preferences

    *Item(s) are handmade to order so please keep this in mind when you purchase*

    Same great reins as the 6 knot loop but with added 4' tail. Awesome set of reins for everyday use. With the added tail you always have a riding crop at hand, you have extra length to give your horse his/her head when crossing water to allow them a drink, you can even tie the tail to saddle horn when you have smaller children riding so if they drop the reins they can easily pull them back up.

    Hand braided with 550 paracord.

    Adjustable with pair of conway buckles on both ends as well as a pair of scissor clips 

    Customize colors to suit your preferences.... choose from solid base color, two tone braid, three tone braid, four tone, or even six different colors.

    Choose knot colors.... all same, two different & alternating, or all three different (great for lessons).

    Rope colors to pick from:

    Black, Blue Snake, Blue Turquoise, Brown, Burgundy(wine), Burnt Orange, Carolina Blue, Fireball, Green Turquoise(light teal), Grey, Hunter Green, Mustard Yellow, Neon Green(lime green), Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Olive Drab, Pink, Pink Snake, Purple, Rainbow, Raspberry(maroon), Red, Royal Blue, Tan, Teal, White